Director's Message

Mrs. Dipika Tyagi a linguist and an educationist, Colonel Apurva Tyagi, a serving army officer from the Parachute Regiment (Special Forces), Dr. Mukul Pandya, a historian, a linguist , a naturalist and a name to reckon with in the tourism industry , felt the scarcity of really good educational institutions in Agra & its neighboring regions & decided to address this problem. Their yeoman’s efforts led to the birth of Colonel’s Brightland Public School which was conceived as an institution not only to provide good education but also to impart moral values, self discipline & wisdom along with co-curricular activities to ensure overall development of the child. The schools objective is to create a conducive environment where the process of learning is an enjoyable experience by providing not just pedantic learning but a genuine and holistic education in a stress-free environment.

"With warm wishes and God's blessing".

Mrs. Dipika Tyagi
( Director )