Director's Message

Welcome to Colonel’s Brightland Public School’s virtual gateway!

It is my pleasure to welcome & greet you as you explore our School’s digital realm. This digital window will not only give you comprehensive information about the School & its framework, but will also offer you a glimpse into vibrant tapestry of academic accomplishments, creative endevours, excellence in sports & games & our commitment to social causes.

At Colonel’s Brightland Public School we believe in nurturing not just sharp minds, but also compassionate hearts & curious souls. And this digital platform serves as a showcase of our commitment to embracing change, harnessing technology & preparing our students to thrive well in an ever-evolving world.

Here, you will find not just information, but inspiration to dream, innovate & make a positive impact, ensuring that it mirrors the essence of our School. I invite you to explore, engage & connect with us as we continue to shape future leaders, thinkers & change makers.

Warm regards,

Dipika Tyagi