House Report

Mercury House

"Great ability developes and reveals itself increasingly with every new Assignment': - Baltasar Gracian

The School owns a fleet of buses plying on all major routes in the area. The buses are reasonably comfortable even for small children. At mercury, it's always a calculated and methodical experience which is ultimately nurtured under the worthy tutelage of our experienced house members.

We not only actively took part in co-curricular activities and sports but also brought accolades and laurels for our house.

The thespians of our house won trophy in Inter-House Skit Competition (Hindi) In Inter-House Elocution (English), the magic of Shakespeare mesmerized the judges b our efficient elocuters, which resulted in achieving the 15t prize. The debaters of our house proved themselves by winning 15` position in Junior Category in Inter-House Debate (English).

We are no less in graphic designing and in the world of science. The master compute brains of our members won the 1St prize in Inter-House PowerPoint Presentation. We made Science Exhibition a great success by our participation. The paradise of flowers created by our members in the Inter-House Flower and Vegetable Arrangement made us won consolation prize. We proved that we are no less in the talent of Cooking without Fire and won 1st` position in it. Our tiny tots also showcased their talents and skills by participating in various cultural and literary activities. In the sports' arena, we excelled in many competitions and gave stiff challenges to other houses in various Inter-House Championships. The members of our house hold the distinction of making us proud winners of Inter-House Kho-Kho Championship, girls (Junior category), Inter -House Chess (Junior and Senior category), Inter - House Cross Country (Girls) and Inter-House Badminton (Girls). The team spirit of our girls made us won the Inter - House Relay Race too.

We Mercurians always walk with a progressive mind, learn from our mistakes, improvise according to the situation and buckle up for the next challenge that awaits us.

Venus House

"If you have a dream, don't just sit there. Gather courage to believe that you can succeed and leave no stone unturned to make it a reality. - Dr. Roopleen "

We, the members of Venus House believe in having the seed of courage to do hard work and enjoy the fruits of success. With the motto of valor, hard work and determination, we loaded our bags with numerous trophies and certificates.

We were given tough competition by other houses. In spite of all odds; we managed to the show all our skills in cultural and literary activities and sports.

The uprising actors of our house grabbed first position in Inter-House Skit Competition (English). The best orators of our house won the 1' position in Inter-House Debate (Hindi) in Junior and Senior Categories. Even we brought the first prize in Inter-House Dance (Solo) Competition in Nub Junior and Senior Categories. The members of Venus House are no less in culinary art. We won the l' position in Inter- House Cooking without Fire Competition in Sweets Category. The brainy minds of our house showcased their intellectual abilities in Science Exhibition too.

Our little blooming buds also did wonder in cultural, literary and sports activities. Our members were competent in sports as well. We bagged trophies for Inter-House Kho-Kho (Girls of Senior Category), Volleyball (Junior and Senior Categories), Cross Country (Boys), Badminton (Boys as well AN Girls Categories) and Boxing (Boys). Many members of the house brought laurels to the school while participating in various Inter- School Competitions and grabbed many gold medals in Moon Olympics and APSA events. We vow to bring more laurels to Venus House in the coming years.

Mars House

"To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream; not only plan, but also believe." - Anatole France

The members of the Mars House dream, plan, believe and finally accomplish great treasures. Dedication, discipline and diligence are the motto of our house and we walk on the same path to acquire success.

The year 2017-2018 proved very successful to us. Domain of Hindi debate was captured by our Hindi debaters. In Inter-House Debate (Hindi), we ,the orators achieved 1st position in both Junior and Senior category. We even tamed the tidal waves and surmounted the '1st Position in Inter-House Debate (English) in the Senior category (For and Against the Motion).

Mars House has no dearth of melodious singers and excellent dancers. The nightingales of 'our house won the first prize both in Inter-House Singing (Solo) in Senior group and Inter -House Singing (Group). The peacocks of our house won the first prize both in Inter-House Dance (Solo) in Junior Group and Inter-House Dance (Group) as well. Innovative ideas and creativity could be glimpsed in the Cooking without Fire and in Inter-House Flower and Vegetable Arrangement. We won consolation prize in Vegetable Arrangement.

Mars House boasts of its good writers also. We bagged the second prize in an Inter-School Essay Competition (English) which was organized in Holy Public School by the Income Tax Department. The mind blowing learned of our house took Science Exhibition to the grand Success. The innovative ideas, creative structures, oratory skills, swirls and melody were also sparked when the toddlers glittered their talents on the stage.

Martians excelled in sports too. Many toddlers won prizes in fun races. The gems of Mars won the trophies for Inter-House Badminton (Boys), Inter-House Football (Boys) and Inter-House Table Tennis. We also got medals and certificates for winning in Inter-House Relay Race (Boys). The team spirit of our house could be witnessed in Tug-O-War and we won the 1st position for the same. Martians also proved their unity and disciplined rhythmic movements in March Past, which made them won the 1st prize. The hard work with sincere efforts by our members were showcased in the victory by bagging up the Champion Trophy of the year 2017-2018.

We, the Martians have many more dreams to achieve. Together, as a team we pledge to walk together under the guidance of our House Mistress and House master.

Jupiter House

"Be aware of your own worth, use all of your power to achieve it. Create an ocean from a dew drop. Do not beg for light from the moon, obtain it from the spark within you." - Allama lqbal

We ignite a spark which turns into a ball of fire. Maintaining the legacy of pride and honor, following the rituals of courage, compassion and championship; we walk ahead with our head high. armored with skills and talents ready to touch the infinite sky.

The learned scholars and the remarkable orators made us proud and proved themselves as winners by holding the 1st position in Inter-House Debate (English) in Junior category. The orators of our house also won the 1st position in Inter-House Elocution. The soul stirring singer of our house made us proud by winning the first position in Inter-House Singing (Solo) Competition.

The intelligence and knowledge of our members was tested and they proved themselves. The brain teasers of our house won the trophy of Inter-House Quiz Contest. And even they showed their brilliance in Science Exhibition. The fragrance and aroma of their talent were experienced when they got 1st position in Inter-House Flower Arrangement as well as in Vegetable Arrangement.

We were honored when Jupterians bagged prizes in Inter-School 'Dr. A P J Kalam Children's Creative and Innovations Day' in the category of creative writing competition. We also won many prizes in different events of sports like Inter-House Volleyball (Girls in Senior Category), Inter-House Taekwondo (Boys) and Inter-House Cross Country (Runner Up).

We also nurtured great boxers, who grabbed gold medals in Moons Olympics Boxing Championship and also gold medals in State Boxing and National Boxing Championships. We wish that we would give tough competition to other houses in the next session and we also hope to show our glory at State and National Level.