Senior Section

SESSION 2020-2021




10th May, 2020

Mother’s Day Celebration

Different online activities were conducted for students like: Hand-made Greeting Cards Competition, Essay Competition, Recitation Competition (Self Composed) on the topic- “I love my mom because”. Students took keen interest in the competitions.

08th August to 14th August 2020

Essay Writing Competition

Essay writing Competition was conduted by CBSE via Cir. No. Acad-57/2020 dated 7th August, 2020. The students from class 9th to 12th participated enthusiastically in the Competition. They  were supposed to write the essay on the theme  "Atmanirbhar Bharat - Swatantra Bharat" in 500 words. Students were invited to write it either in Hindi or in English.

14th September, 2020

Hindi Divas

“Hindi Divas” was celebrated virtually, in which students participated in Poem Recitation, Speech and Poster Making Competition.

2nd October, 2020

Gandhi Jayanti

Gandhi Jayanti was celebrated as per CBSE Cir. No. Acad. 63/2019 dated 31 October 2019. Different kind of activities like Poster/ Sketch Making, Speech and Essay Competition on topic “Gandhi Ji Ke Vichar” were held.

24th October, 2020

International Yoga Day

International Yoga Day  as per CBSE Cir. No. Acad. 43/2020 was conducted. Students prepared Slogans, Posters and Self Yoga videos.

12th November, 2020 to 25th November, 2020

Aryabhatt Ganit Challenge

CBSE conducted “Aryabhatt Ganit Challenge” on DIKSHA platform to enhance mathematical abilities. Students participatd in this program from 12th November, 2020 to 25th November, 2020 .

26th November, 2020

Constitution Day

As per CBSE Cir. No. Acad. 87/2020 dated 20th November, 2020, webinar was organised by the teachers on Constitutional Values and Fundamental  Principles of the Indian Constitution

12th January, 2021

Science Challenge 2020

On 12 Jan,2021 students participated in an Online Science Quiz on Diksha App  and got the e-certificates .

13th January, 2021

Makar Sankranti

Students prepared hand-made kites and posted their videos.

25th January, 2021

CBSE Heritage Quiz

Students participated in Heritage India Quiz organised by CBSE on DIKSHA platform and got certificate from CBSE as per Cir. No. Acad. 08/2021.

6th February, 2020 to 16th February, 2021

Story Telling Competition

In order to enhance Students‘ speaking and writing skill, CBSE has taken an initiative to conduct an online Story Telling Competition for different age groups. Students participated in this competition as per CBSE Cir. No. Acad. 13/2021 dated 05-02-2021.

27th February, 2020 to 2nd March, 2021


As per CBSE Circular No. Acad-2/2021, eco-friendly toys were made by the students under the guidance of teachers.
Students submitted videos of their inovative toys on the App provided by CBSE.

3rd week of March, 2021

Pariksha Pe Charcha

As per CBSE Cir. No. Acad.-17/2021 Pariksha Pe Charcha, the unique interactive program of Hon'ble Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi with sutdents, teachers and parents was held through online mode in the 3rd week of March, 2021. Students, Teachers and Parents parcitipeted and  share their views online in this program.

N.B 1:- In addition to above mentioned activities some other school based / classroom based activities were also initiated by teachers to enhance students’ exposure:

1. Independence Day, Republic Day, Teacher's Day, Children’s Day, etc were celebrated online on their stipulated date in which students posted videos of song, poem, speech and skit.
2. PowerPoint Presentation on the subject related topics were also prepared by the students.
3. Online lab activities were conducted by Science teachers.

Aryabhatt Challenge

CBSE Heritage India Quiz

Constitution Day (26 November)

Earth Day

Eat Right Quiz

Essay Writing Competition

Farmers First Quiz

Hindustan olympaid

Pariksha pe Charcha 2021

Quiz Competition

Quiz on Road Safety

Republic Day

Science Challenge

Independence Day

Kisan Divas

Taj Nature Walk


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